Anticipation grows for return of Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls
FoodCheez Balls, Cheez Curls will be available again this month

Anticipation grows for return of Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls

The Planters snack is returning to the market after a 12-year hiatus.

(Photo from public domain)
(Photo from public domain)

Those hungering for a satisfyingly artificial cheesy snack are in luck, as the once popular but discontinued Planters Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls are returning to market after a 12-year hiatus.

Beginning in July, the neon orange bite size treats are available nationwide, according to a statement from the Kraft Heinz Company.

“We heard many impassioned pleas for us to bring Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls back over the years and we wanted to give our fans a chance to reunite with their most-missed cheesy snack,” said Planters Head of Brand Building Melanie Huet in a statement. “We made sure our Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls still have the same delicious taste, airy texture and fluorescent color you know and love, so our fans can enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane with every canister.”

Praise for the revival has been spreading faster than melted gouda in the summer sun.

“I used to love them,” said Eric Greenfield, of Squirrel Hill, who recalled eating the orange-hued morsels at his grandparents’ house — an experience that often culminated with his grandmother admonishing eaters for placing their bright-colored fingers on a couch.

“I am always excited when new (or old) kosher food hits the market and look forward to tasting some,” exclaimed Oren Levy, a former New Jersey resident.

“Right now as a kosher consumer my only option for cheese-flavored corn-based snacks is Utz Cheese Balls. I’m excited that there is a variety in the marketplace,” echoed David Chudnow, of Pittsburgh.

While the return of Planters Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls is a mouthwatering event for some snackers, other eaters are less amused.

“I spent a lot of time in Israel growing up. I prefer my poofs peanut flavored,” noted Adam Poznanski, of Squirrel Hill.

“I still await the day when Cheetos will be kosher,” added Levy.

Lynne Galia, an official with the Kraft Heinz Company, confirmed that “Planters Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls are kosher certified by [the Orthodox Union] as kosher dairy.”

Even so, restoring this nosh to its rightful place — in and around the mouths of eaters — may signal a moment for great unity, joked Matt Faigen, of Cleveland, Ohio.

“Jews and professional sports have never seemed to fully fuse. It’s nice to finally see one ball serve the Jewish community,” he said. PJC

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