The real perpetrators

The real perpetrators

Gen. Amos Yadlin had two pieces of bad news for the Israeli Knesset — and the world — on Tuesday.
First, he said the Iranian nuclear facility under construction inside a mountain near the city of Qom has “no possible civilian use.”
Next, he said Hamas has a missile that can reach Tel Aviv. Then Yadlin, the head of Military Intelligence for the Israel Defense Forces, told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Hamas recently test-fired a missile with a range of 37 miles — far enough to hit Israel’s largest city.
None of this is really surprising. No one really believes Iran when it says its nuclear program is for peaceful uses only. If they were serious, then why not immediately accept the European proposal to enrich the Islamic republic’s uranium in Russia and France — for peaceful uses only.
Instead, the Iranians have played a delaying game, as they have since the world learned of its nuclear program.
As for Hamas, it was only a matter of time before the terrorist group came up with a rocket that could hit Tel Aviv. Ashkelon is already within its range.
Yet despite these growing threats, not to mention the arsenal of weaponry Hezbollah is stockpiling in Lebanon (which they get from Iran, by way of Syria), Arab states prefer to make Israel the perpetrator of evil in the region. They want the United Nations Security Council to call on Israel to investigate, and the Palestinians too — just to make it look good.
They forget that Iran, from its own territory and through its Hamas and Hezbollah proxy armies, poses a threat to their security, too.
We have no problem with Israel investigating its actions during the Gaza war. We just wish the world body would devote equal attention to the real perpetrators of evil in the region.