The Chronicle introduces new quarterly magazine

The Chronicle introduces new quarterly magazine

Several months ago, I reported to you about our strategic planning process and how we had gathered information from readers, potential readers, advertisers and potential advertisers. With the help of a consultant and the support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh leadership, we developed a better understanding of how we can further provide what the community wants and needs.
As a result, we’ve been emphasizing local news, including news of not only Pittsburgh but the suburbs and surrounding areas; we’ve provided more community news and photographs, especially on our web site; we’ve added columnists who represent a wide spectrum of opinion; and we’ve increased news updates, opportunities for interaction, and social networking at
In addition to the newspaper and website, the Chronicle will be offering yet another product to serve the community’s growing needs with the introduction of a quarterly magazine, J…Jewish Pittsburgh Living.
J will be about the Greater Pittsburgh Jewish experience: about understanding and celebrating what it means to be Jewish; about local people, local businesses and local issues; about diversity and how it enriches the community. It will be about enjoying the Jewish lifestyle: about living well at home, at work and at leisure; about family and friends, loving, laughing and entertaining; about getting the most out of life: physically, emotionally and spiritually.
The COO/Publisher of J is David Caoin, who came to us from California in April. David has 30 years of experience in the publishing business, and he is a wonderful addition to the Chronicle staff and to our community. He has been out and about since his arrival, and I’m sure many of you have met him already. We know David’s talents will help make this third element of the Chronicle successful. Look for the introductory Chanuka edition in November. The magazine will be mailed to you at no cost, and we look forward to hearing your reaction.
This entire project has been an outstanding example of how a community should function. Two separate entities, the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and The Jewish Chronicle, came together to work together toward a common goal … to strengthen the community’s communication. Our readers and advertisers, as well as leaders from other organizations, provided us with needed information to achieve this goal.
Meeting needs is an ongoing process. The paper will continue to evolve to provide more of what you want; the website will continue expanding, providing ways to increase the community’s involvement and participation; and, now, we’re offering a glossy, all-color magazine … J… which will be filled with everything that reminds us of how wonderful it is to be part of this great community.

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