‘Significant omission’

‘Significant omission’

(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

There was a significant omission of fact in last week’s article about the small abandoned burial ground in White Oak (“Neglected Jewish cemetery in White Oak restored by non-Jewish volunteers,” July 19). It is on private property.

When Chronicle reporter Toby Tabachnick contacted me, I made this clear. Regretfully, this important fact giving context was omitted from the article. This private property had a for-sale on it for several years. Attempts to locate the property owner were unsuccessful.

Additionally, these graves were canvassed in the early 2000s by a local volunteer for the Jewish Cemetery Project.

Clearly, the Jewish Cemetery and Burial Assn. (JCBA) cannot go onto private property and do maintenance. Additionally, with our limited funds, purchasing properties is not an option.
The JCBA is interested in working with cemetery owners to maintain their sacred burial grounds in proper condition and is prepared to assume that responsibility when they are no longer able to.

Jonathan Schachter,
executive director JCBA