Rothfus meets with Netanyahu; will vote ‘the right way’ on Iran

Rothfus meets with Netanyahu; will vote ‘the right way’ on Iran

Congressman Keith Rothfus (R-Pa.) joined two other members of the House of Representatives two weeks ago in Jerusalem to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During their meeting, Netanyahu detailed the dangers posed by the recently completed nuclear agreement with Iran. Netanyahu maintained that the deal provides Iran both with international legitimacy to obtain nuclear weapons in no more than 13 years as well as significant resources to fund terror networks worldwide.  

Upon returning to the United States, Rothfus gathered a small group of constituents at the Squirrel Hill home of Lou and Amy Weiss to reflect upon the trip.  

“Sanctions against Iran have worked and should remain in place until Iran abandons its international reign of terror and provides for the anytime, anywhere inspections one would expect for an unrepentant belligerent,” Rothfus told the crowd gathered in the Weiss’ living room.

“I strongly agree with the prime minister — the alternative to this bad deal is a much better deal, obtained through resolute American leadership and difficult negotiations. Allowing Iran to retain its nuclear infrastructure, checked only by a weak inspections regime, is a risk that is exceedingly dangerous.”

“Rothfus understands the danger that this deal poses to the U.S., Israel and the whole world,” said Lou Weiss in an interview after the gathering.

“He’s opposed to the deal and will vote against it.”

Congress has until Sept. 17 to vote for or against the Iran nuclear deal announced on July 14.  Congressional rejection of the deal would restrict President Barack Obama’s ability to waive economic sanctions against Iran, a critical concession in the agreement. If Congress passes a resolution disapproving the deal, Obama has promised a veto.

Weiss said that he was impressed by Rothfus’ stance on the deal.

“He’s a win. He’s voting the right way.”

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