Print edition of Heeb suspended

Print edition of Heeb suspended

The print edition of Heeb has been suspended, its publisher announced on the magazine’s website.
Heeb, which became the unofficial authority for hipster Jews, has suffered from financial distress in the past couple of years. The broader media has been predicting its demise.
Prior to last week’s announcement on of the shutdown, publisher Joshua Neuman had insisted repeatedly that Heeb was going to maintain the print edition despite slowdowns in production. Neuman, also the editor in chief, said the website would continue.
“The good news is that will continue to provide trenchant analysis of world events, cultural critique of all that is Jewish and Goyish and countless photos of scantily-clad Israeli models under the leadership of newly named editor-in-chief, Erin Hershberg, culture editor, Jonathan Poritsky, creative director (former music editor), Arye Dworken, humor editor, David Deutsch and comics editor, Jeff Newelt,” he wrote. “The bad news is that we are suspending the print edition of Heeb Magazine.”
Heeb magazine had gained attention by featuring the likes of Sarah Silverman, Jonah Hill and Roseanne Barr in risque poses.