Pitt student stands out from the crowd

Pitt student stands out from the crowd

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult to do, especially at a school as large as the University of Pittsburgh. But for senior marketing and psychology major with a certificate in international business, Lisa Weinberg, a college experience is all about what you make of it.
A 2008 graduate of Lower Merion High School, Weinberg is making her mark. Of some 1,300 business undergraduate students, Weinberg was one of 24 selected to participate in a directed study program through the College of Business Administration. Robert Gilbert teaches the projects in marketing course, which is designed to give students the opportunity to form their own marketing agency, ProsInMotion, to market a certain brand or product as part of a nationwide competition through EdVenture Partners.
“It’s an honor to be a part of this class,” said Weinberg. “It’s basically the culmination of four years spent working toward this opportunity.”
One of the most recognized automotive brands in the world, Honda, has given the class a semester to plan, execute and measure the effects of a campaign that they develop for the 2012 Honda Civic Coupe. Acting as an associate of the advertising department, Weinberg will gain experience as a young professional while directly interacting with seasoned industry experts.
“Right now we’re competing against 19 other universities across the United States. If our work earns us a spot in the top three, we travel to California to present our campaign to Honda’s senior executives,” she explained. The winning team also receives $5,000 for their school.
“It’s more about the experience than anything,” Weinberg said. “The ability to take initiative is amazing. There’s also the realization that we could see our campaign being used by Honda nationwide — that’s unreal.”