Nu? What’s a Jewish Bistro?

Nu? What’s a Jewish Bistro?

Rise’ and Pamela Cohen
Rise’ and Pamela Cohen

The walls are a soothing, rich blue, accompanied by lots of wood, bright lights and a large storefront window with seating. The open kitchen is spotless and seems to glow from the bright lights.

This is Nu: A Modern Jewish Bistro, which opened last week on Murray Avenue.

Another brainchild of the P&G’s Pamela’s Diner duo, Pamela Cohen and Gail Klingensmith, along with Pamela’s sister Rise’ Cohen, this could just be the most mellow deli restaurant in which you have dined. And, it is BYOB.

This deli is subtle.

Culling from her late mother’s recipes, Rise’ handles all things meat. At Nu, they cure, pickle and smoke their meats in-house. Their featured sandwich, Montreal smoked meat, is brisket they house cure for 10 days, smoke for 12 hours and then steam for three hours before it gets carved by hand.

Rise’ runs Nu, but Pamela gets to hear the comments. Everyone has something to say about the matzo balls, Pamela said. Some people like sinkers and others like floaters. The Cohen sisters are sticking to what they grew up with and love.

The appeal of this nonkosher deli goes beyond the Jewish community. And for those who may be wondering what some of the foods are, the back of the menu explains everything. Makes for good reading, too.

“You don’t have to be Jewish to love good Jewish food,” Pamela said. “Jews come from all over the world. Our culture brings together foods that anybody can relate to.”

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