Not everyone happy with Federation move
Letters to the editor

Not everyone happy with Federation move

Missed opportunity

The move of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh is a missed opportunity to lead (“Jewish Federation enters new home,” Jan. 10). The location chosen was dictated entirely by parking, not the character of the Jewish community.

The Federation lost credibility with this decision. Planners ignored the people that rely on public transit. The poor, elderly, students and those that choose to use public transit for the environment were invisible.

There are eight bus lines from downtown to Oakland and two directly from Squirrel Hill to Oakland every 20 minutes, off peak, serving the former location. Now, it requires two buses instead of one from Squirrel Hill to Federation’s Hazelwood location; the second leg of the trip is on a bus that runs once an hour.

This move is described as a “modern” way to work. It is new, but not modern. Modern organizations have shrunk their footprint and have taken advantage of technology to have employees work remotely. This move was a missed opportunity.

Lee Golden

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