Netanyahu draws doodle for Google chairman

Netanyahu draws doodle for Google chairman

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Google Executive Chairman Eric E. Schmidt on Tuesday and gave him a Google doodle he had drawn from suggestions by Israeli Web surfers.

In order to emphasize Israel’s leadership in the fields of science and technology, the Google doodle shows the crystals discovered by the winner of this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry, professor Dan Shechtman, along with an Israeli flag and a man sitting under an umbrella in the sun. “This is Israel — science, sun and Google,” Netanyahu said.

The prime minister was the first leader in the world to draw a Google doodle, Schmidt said. The Google chairman gave Netanyahu a framed picture of the Isaiah Scroll as a symbol of the Dead Sea Scrolls project that Google is leading in conjunction with the Israel Museum. “The decision to invest in Israel was one of the best that Google has ever made,” he said.