More than Jews celebrate Kennywood community days

More than Jews celebrate Kennywood community days

Kennywood Park has a long-standing tradition that embraces many of the minority communities in Pittsburgh. The park has 14 specific dates set aside through each season, designated specifically for a different minority group to come with their families and enjoy a great day at the park.
This past Sunday was Jewish community day at Kennywood. Jewish families were provided with pavilions serving strictly glatt kosher food and drinks, as well as a much-needed resting area to beat the heat. Kennywood is proud of the effort they put into providing an inviting atmosphere for minority communities across Pittsburgh.
“Some of our community days go back as far as 90 years,” said Jeff Filicko, head of public relations for the park.
With so many different minority groups in Pittsburgh, how can Kennywood decide on which groups they invite to their park?
“We don’t pick these groups at all,” Filicko said. “Every community day is organized by an outside party, and they come to us to request a day.”
Filicko said most groups that request community days are traditional groups. Kennywood provides their services for Greek day, Italian day, Jewish day and many others. As some groups have held a specific community day for almost a century, it is difficult for other groups to crack Kennywood’s loaded schedule.
“Asian day was the most recent community day that we have added to our schedule,” Filicko said.
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