More attacks hit Jewish targets at Indiana University

More attacks hit Jewish targets at Indiana University

Three new attacks on Jewish targets at Indiana University, following two earlier incidents, included the desecration of holy texts.

A rock was thrown Tuesday morning through the window of an apartment above the Chabad Jewish student center, located just off the university campus, nearly hitting a student and putting a hole in the opposite wall. Four non-Jewish students live in the Chabad apartment.

Less than an hour later, a rock was thrown at the staff directory glass display case for the Robert A. and Sandra B. Borns Jewish Studies Program, causing damage.

On Monday evening, eight religious volumes in Hebrew removed from shelves at a university library were urinated on in eight different bathrooms in the library area, according to reports.

Although no students have approached his office, Dean of Students Pete Goldsmith said he and his office are reaching out to the Jewish community and offering their support.

“It’s something that shouldn’t happen in the university community,” Goldsmith told the Indiana Daily Student newspaper. “It’s a place of tolerance.”

Uniform and plainclothes police officers have stepped up their presence around the vandalized areas, according to reports. The FBI has been brought in, since they appear to be hate crimes.

Bloomington police reportedly have a description of a suspect, allegedly seen at the site of one of the incidents. Reportedly he is a bearded male aged 40 to 50.

The rock thrown last week through the window of the Chabad House is now a piece of the foundation of the Jewish student center’s new 12-foot menorah, the Daily Student reported.

Meanwhile, Jewish students at the University of Ottawa have rebuilt a metal and wire menorah after their 10-foot-high menorah was stolen and later found badly damaged.