Misleading editorial: Children weren’t used as political props
Letter to the EditorHigh school letter campaign didn't use students as props

Misleading editorial: Children weren’t used as political props

An editorial claiming high school children were used as political props credited a letter writing campaign to the school administration rather than a student-led organization.

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The Chronicle’s Jan. 26 editorial misrepresented a story by claiming that high school “children” were “used as political props” by a high school administration. The editorial was inaccurate and misleading.

The correct story is that a voluntary high school student club, the American Israel Student Action Committee at The Frisch School, a Jewish high school, sent an email to the student body as part of a student-led letter-writing campaign.

The email was sent from the student group through the school’s administration (as it didn’t have access to send a schoolwide email) in support of President Donald Trump “formally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.” If students agreed with the email, they could then voluntarily choose to send a supportive email to the president. Frisch only received complaints from three parents.

This story is hardly worth a blistering editorial. The Chronicle should report with less political bias and more accuracy.

Robert Davis

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