Letters to the editor September 3

Letters to the editor September 3

Republican cooperation? Not happening

It may have been an unintentional typo, but Congressman Keith Rothfus is a Republican, not a Democrat, as mentioned in The Chronicle’s Aug. 20 story “Rothfus meets with Netanyahu; will vote ‘the right way’ on Iran.” I mention this only because if he were a Democrat, his opinion would matter more to me.

I have concluded, as evidenced over the past six-plus years, that any Executive Office opinions, proposals, suggestions, mere mentions — let alone laws or agreements — will receive instant disapproval from the Republican side. The Democratic side seems to take more time analyzing, as with this Iran deal and its long-range effects. When you proceed quickly and unilaterally you inevitably will have unintended consequences (bomb Iran, really?).

Furthermore, Russia and China were at the table. Each brought their own agendas to the negotiations. Without the deal, the U.S. would be sitting isolated. Then what?

One question in my mind is this: Had the Republicans been a little more congenial, more cooperative over the past six-plus years, would a truly collective U.S. policy have had more impact at the table?

George Bedo


Kudos to Federation

We wholeheartedly applaud the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh for engaging Rabbi Dr. Daniel L. Schiff as a community scholar. Applying the commandments, laws and rules is a divine imperative (think of the Shema). It is commendable that the Federation has chosen to emphasize such a directive in four areas of human activity.

Students tutored by Rabbi Schiff in his former JEI/AJL classes in particular will recognize the wisdom in utilizing his exceptional skills for the benefit of an even larger audience.

Elinore and Malcolm Sherwood