Letters to the editor September 22

Letters to the editor September 22

Perry’s problems

Though I am a hard right conservative on fiscal issues and matters of crime and punishment, I am on many issues a social liberal — as I believe are most members of the Jewish community. Consequently, I find the ascension of Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry in the Republican primary race for president to be troubling.

Gov. Perry:

• Questions the well-established theory of evolution;

• Questions whether global warming is largely man-made;

• Wears his faith on his sleeve, believing that the United States is a Christian nation, and has made derisive comments about atheists and agnostics;

• Derisively scoffs at any notion of restricting the “right” of individuals to acquire all of the high-powered weapons that they desire; and

• Shoots from the hip, using harsh and undiplomatic language in stating his positions, rendering him likely to be a president who seeks to force adherence to his ideals without compromise.

The conservative in me likes that Gov. Perry seeks to eliminate “Washington” from our lives to the greatest extent possible, his accurate challenge of the viability of the Social Security system, his distaste for the notion of the United States printing money to inflate our way out of the crushing and ever-escalating national debt, and his steadfast support for the imposition of capital punishment.

But there are problems inherent in a Perry presidency that would outweigh any good qualities he possesses.

Oren M. Spiegler

Upper St. Clair