Letters to the editor October 27

Letters to the editor October 27

Officer lauds Jewish-Albanian ties
I was so happy to read the letter regarding the Albanians and how they relate to the Jews (Albanian-Jewish ties, Oct. 13).
I am presently deployed to Kosovo with the Army. I have been here in the past and have been here this time since August 2010. I adore the Albanian people.
When they hear that I am Jewish (a fact I proudly claim) they get so excited and teach me new facts. Last evening, I had a friend come to the base with his colleagues to speak about the first migration of Jews to the Balkan Peninsula. I, of course, was the only Jew there.  Everyone was very interested and asked lots of questions and no one left till it was over.
The Righteous Gentile art exhibit at the Jewish Community Center in Pittsburgh this month was in Kosovo last year and I was invited, by the embassy, to attend. I met and have become good friends with many of the families of the righteous gentiles. 
This has been a wonderful experience for me and I intend to return to the Balkans to sightsee and continue teaching oral care to the wonderful people of Kosovo.

Elaine Berkowitz
Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo

(The author, a Pittsburgh dentist in civilian life, is a lieutenant colonel and dental officer in the Army Reserve currently deployed to Kosovo.)