Letters to the editor October 10

Letters to the editor October 10

Creative evolution

This letter is in response to the excellent article in The Jewish Chronicle by Rabbi Nosson Sachs (“When worlds collide,” Sept. 26). Another way of looking at science vs. religion is, instead of being mutually exclusive, the science of religion, and the religion of science.

For example, hundreds of years before science discovered the Big Bang theory, Kabalah scholars had already known about this. Hundreds of years later, science confirmed it. In the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) it states: “Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto you.” To me, this means that God was the original decreer when He said: “Let there be Light.” And there was light. How about instead of being mutually exclusive, how about “creative evolution,” meaning we were created by God to evolve?

If you ask a quantum physicist if he believes in God, he usually says, of course he does. Why? Because he’s a scientist. Meaning he sees the beauty of God’s intelligence in creation. Nicola Tesla stated that everything in the universe is vibration, energy and frequency. The more you look at God’s universe, the more you see the wonder of it all.

Dr. Eugene M. Goldberg

Hampton Township