Letters to the editor November 24

Letters to the editor November 24

Student remembers Rothko
I enjoyed your review of Mark Rothko as you brought out his Jewishness (“Rothko in ‘Red,’ ” Nov. 10). I was his student at Brooklyn College and we got along very well. He was always kind, fatherly and respectful of my art, particularly because I understood the abstract nature of what he was saying, even though I was 19 years old.
I have not seen the play, but follow it on the Internet. I am hoping it gets closer to California.
Mr. Rothko, as we called him, will always be a very special person for me. He did not know it, but I became an art major because he made art so real and wonderful.
I gave a class on Mark Rothko and told the Jewish part of his life, as I am Jewish.  Most people in the audience were surprised.

Roberta Carasso