Letters to the editor May 9

Letters to the editor May 9

Dershowitz attacks ‘appalling’

I was appalled to read that Professor Alan Dershowitz “was laughed at by the audience” at the second annual Jewish Post Conference in New York City when he proposed a two-state solution to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict (“Alan Dershowitz and Caroline Glick clash on two-state solution,” May 2).

First of all, as Dershowitz accurately pointed out, a substantial majority of Jews in the United States is in favor of such a resolution, as is a majority of Israeli Jews.  Thus, to voice such a proposal is not an absurd, politically irresponsible act.  However, that is not the essence of my distress, nor the source of my embarrassment as a dedicated Jew and strong supporter of Israel.

Alan Dershowitz is an internationally renown legal scholar, author, lecturer and trial attorney.  He has repeatedly, unhesitatingly and courageously defended Israel from all kinds of scurrilous attacks by anti-Semitic individuals, organizations, political leaders and foreign governments.  His intellectual brilliance, oratorical eloquence and professional historical knowledge have enabled him to be one of the most respected and effective spokespersons in behalf of Israel.  He has been invited to fulfill this role thousands of times over the course of his long and distinguished career.

For an audience of Jewish people to “laugh” at Alan Dershowitz is truly incredible. Freedom of speech is one thing.  Sheer ignorance and gross societal rudeness, however, extend beyond the bounds of a civilized community.

Jews ridiculing and scoffing at someone like Alan Dershowitz represent the epitome of outright self-destructive behavior — extremely harmful and utterly reprehensible.


Dr. Cyril H. Wecht

Squirrel Hill

(The author is a former Allegheny County commissioner and coroner.)