Letters to the editor March 31

Letters to the editor March 31

Misrepresentations clarified

In the March 24 letter in the Chronicle, “Corbett, paper assailed,” Mickie Diamond mentioned the forum sponsored by the Jewish Federation and League of Women Voters that was held last fall.

Ms. Diamond misrepresents the event. As someone who stood on stage, I would like to offer some clarification:

• The event was conducted under the rules of the League of Women Voters, which asked for the audience to refrain from outbursts or extended applauds.

• The questions were submitted by the audience and were only screened to ensure a wide range of topics were presented to the panel.

• The majority of the questions were aimed at the industry to defend itself and covered moratorium, severance tax, water pollution and the jobs issue.  The forum’s intent was not to clear up misconceptions, but to have a dialogue.

Rocky Wice

Squirrel Hill