Letters to the editor March 22

Letters to the editor March 22

Happy 50th!

Mazel Tov to The Jewish Chronicle on its 50th Anniversary!!! Pittsburgh is so blessed to have Jewish media covering news from the community locally, regionally, nationally and around the world.

The Chronicle’s executive editor, Lee Chottiner, prefers to look at the paper’s past by focusing on the future. In the future, I’d love to see a list and selection of stories and features (including the award winning pieces) which the community and Chronicle staff define as the best of The Jewish Chronicle or a collection entitled Fifty Years of Jewish Pittsburgh Through the Pages of The Jewish Chronicle — so that we and future readers can fully appreciate the scope and depth of coverage which enriches our community, educates our readers, inspires our leaders and stimulates our conversations every week on the issues that make Jewish Pittsburgh a great place to live.

Like its predecessors, The Jewish Criterion and The American Jewish Outlook, The Jewish Chronicle affords future generations an incredible view of Pittsburgh’s Jewish roots.

To their credit (and that of their partners), The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project at Carnegie Mellon University, Jewish print media lives for the future.

And though perhaps the future of our Jewish news media may be delivered digitally, we would be wise not to forget the joy and anticipation generations of readers experience when the The Jewish Chronicle hits the mailbox with news of the day from our Jewish neighbors here and around the world.

Celebrating your first 50 years, we collectively say Kol HaKavod!

We’re eagerly looking to the Chronicle’s next 50 years — with one eye on the past — and one eye on a Jewish history in the making.

Rochelle R. Sufrin

Highland Park


Parallels to body

This letter is in response to Rabbi Perman’s excellent Portion of the Week (“Understanding the tabernacle today,” March 15).

This reminds me of [references] in the Kabbalah — The Tree of Life. For instance, keter (crown) and hokhmah and binah represent the head of the body. Tiferet represents the heart. Hesed and guvurah represent the arms. Yesod represents the abdominal area. Netzah and hod represent the legs. And malkhut or shekhinah represent the gonads.

So, this to me reminds me that the Tree of Life is similar to, and parallels, the human body.


Dr. Eugene M. Goldberg

Allison Park