Letters to the editor June 6

Letters to the editor June 6

How to slay the ‘monster’

In your May 30 story, “Peduto, Gilman say East End a model for what city can be,” the quote from Dan Gilman, “I think people have become disheartened with city government. People think it doesn’t matter who is in charge; the same monster exists beneath the head,” was right on!

The only way to get Pittsburgh out of the 90-year-long financial disaster that has brought this city from a once proud top 10 population to just a paltry 56 rank, is to fundamentally change the entrenched one-party Democrat rule responsible for the decline.  One can

conjure up many excuses, but the fact is that the same folks, hiring the same folks, promote the back-slapping, profligate spending, kowtowing to unions and corruption that has brought this city to bankruptcy and financial oversight.

Because of the apathy of voters and their willingness to just pull the Democrat lever to continue the status quo is exactly due to Mr. Gilman’s quote.

However, there actually is a real alternative.  Josh Wander, a member of our Jewish community living in Squirrel Hill, has the new ideas, financial discipline and the lack of “payback” burdening the Democrat candidates in the next term. A recent KQV online poll, though nonscientific, asked participants who they would vote for mayor.  Mr. Wander won handily, demonstrating real hope that Pittsburgh’s rise to solvency and greatness just might start Nov. 5.

The voters of Pittsburgh need to seriously reflect on whom they vote for mayor in November. Bottom line: If you keep doing what you’re doing, you will keep getting what you’re getting.


Andy “Hirsh” Dlinn

Squirrel Hill