Letters to the editor June 25

Letters to the editor June 25

Step up to the plate to save Jewish Pittsburgh

I congratulate Rabbi Mark N. Staitman for his recent June 11 Opinion piece “Let’s have ‘the talk’: As synagogues resources dwindle, the time has come for transformation change.”

Without viable and active synagogues, Jewish Pittsburgh will disappear.

It is time for the Federation to open its eyes and pocketbooks and stop the bleeding of our synagogue community. It must be a key player in making our synagogues active and financially viable. It must act as a mediator for possible mergers with the help of its fine leadership.

We have such valuable resources in Pittsburgh. I hope that the Federation will step up to the plate to keep Jewish Pittsburgh something special.

Julian Elbling

Squirrel Hill

Note: The writer is a past president and current board member of Congregation Beth Shalom.