Letters to the editor June 17

Letters to the editor June 17

To the world
Much has been written about the incident in international waters off of Gaza a few weeks ago. Much of the world is critical over Israel’s embargo and actions. The demanded solution is to end the embargo, let ships through. Any individual with some common sense knows this could lead to the destruction of Israel by Hamas (who has sworn to destroy Israel). No one has recommended a meaningful realistic solution.
To the world, get out of your paradigm of telling Israel what to do, that they are to blame and that they must take the ultimate steps to resolve this unfair treatment of Gaza.
Here’s a simple solution. Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton, instead of just bashing Israel, propose to the United Nations the following:
Establish a “legitimate” U.N. peacekeeping force to go to Gaza to set up a U.N. “customs” at their port. Israel would be asked by the United Nations to let all ships through their embargo that will go directly to this port. The U.N. “customs,” upon the ships docking, would inspect all cargo delivered. All humanitarian items would pass through to the Gaza authorities. All weapons would be confiscated.
Simple. Fair. Something Israel would find acceptable. Now politicians, do something meaningful for a change.

Harvey Rosenblum
Trafford, PA