Letters to the editor June 11

Letters to the editor June 11

Doctor’s murder condemned
The murder of late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller has been swiftly condemned by the leaders of the pro-life movement.
The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation extends its deepest sympathies and prayers to Dr. Tiller’s family. We continue to oppose all acts of violence, which run directly counter to our mission to restore respect for human life. We believe in expressing our opposition to the violence of abortion through the peaceful and legal means of education and legislative action.
We in Pennsylvania’s pro-life movement will continue to work for peaceful solutions to assist pregnant women and their pre-born children, older Pennsylvanians, and people with disabilities — solutions which respect the dignity of all people, from the youngest to the oldest among us.

Maria Vitale

(The author is the education director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life

A voice from Caracas
The U.S. Congress did the right thing not to get involved further with President Chavez.
No doubt he is a raving anti-Semite with ties to every terrorist organization in the world, particularly Hezbollah and Hamas, but Chavez is not a rational diplomatic politician. He is a ruthless military dictator and when he is antagonized or pushed, the real victims will be us, the Venezuelan Jewish community.
Don’t stir up trouble and certainly don’t look for trouble as we, the ones who live here and not some rabbis yelling anti-Semitism in Venezuela, will suffer the consequences.
There are now permanent police trucks guarding all the temples and schools. Lets not push this any further.

Benjamin Cohen

Obama speech lauded
In reviewing the president’s speech at Cairo University, I am proud to be a citizen of this country.
President Obama spoke with humility and respect for his audience and for all people, and particularly for ordinary Muslims whose hearts and minds we must win in order to have a chance of enjoying the elusive goal of a world of peace.
Although the speech surely upset those who believe that the United States can do no wrong, the president appropriately admitted that we have made grievous errors in foreign policy, a necessary first step in establishing better relations with traditional foes.
Mr. Obama did not shy away from controversial issues. He boldly called for Arab nations to extend equal rights to women. He paved the way to establishing the United States as an honest broker in the Middle East, espousing a balanced view regarding the seemingly-interminable Arab-Israeli conflict.
While he called for Arab recognition of Israel and respect for Jews and their safety, he also directed Israel to stop settlement expansion and to accept a Palestinian state.
President Obama’s predecessor conducted himself in foreign affairs with arrogance, swagger and ignorance. He comported himself as an uncouth and inarticulate oaf. In stark contrast, President Obama is a dignified, intelligent, thoughtful, enlightened and respectful man.
The president hit a home run with his speech, and his words, if backed by deeds, can only serve to enhance our nation’s standing not only in Arab countries, but throughout the world. What a difference a decisive presidential election makes.

Oren M. Spiegler
Upper St. Clair