Letters to the editor July 16

Letters to the editor July 16

‘Firing’ slammed

This letter is in reaction to the shock, dismay and anger the residents of Riverview Towers feel at the recent firing of our beloved activities director, Cheryl Weisberg.
Without regard or concern for the effect this callous action has had on the residents, the firing took place suddenly and swiftly, wreaked havoc on this usually peaceful and happy group of residents. We feel that our best interests were not considered or thought about.
The fact that Cheryl did the work of three people, all in good time and with her love for the residents so evident, was of no concern to the one who decided that Cheryl must be eliminated. Does this make sense to any rational person?
Is it any wonder that we are all so perturbed at this injustice?
Rose Pinsker
Squirrel Hill