Letters to the editor February 20

Letters to the editor February 20

‘Kerry go home’

Regarding Alan Elsner’s Feb. 13 column, “Time for Netanyahu and Abbas to get serious,” you claim to be Jews and for Israel yet you have no idea what you are preaching about. Go live in Israel for a while and get an idea.  

Israel gave back Gaza and what did the Israelis get? Nothing but problems. Maybe you want them to give back the West Bank and East Jerusalem and get the same results. Wake up, J Street.

If you want countries that have gained land through war to give it back, then the United States would be a lot smaller.

Take a look at the attached video site and then justify your ideas.

This is the kind of peace you will get.

Kerry go home.

Try printing this.

Neil Blumenfeld

Squirrel Hill

(Editor’s note: The author embedded in his letter a link to a video on the

Israel Video Network. It is from Iranian TV and shows a simulated drone strike on Israel and U.S. Navy targets in response to a hypothetical attack on Iran. Specifically, it shows strikes on Ben Gurion Airport, Haifa — among other sites in the country — as well as the Navy carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln.)