Letters to the editor February 17

Letters to the editor February 17

JBS tells the truth

In the Feb. 10 Jewish Chronicle, there was a well-written article by Toby Tabachnick about my promotion to the National Council of the John Birch Society. However, there were some issues that should be corrected: Revilo Oliver was not a founding member of JBS. There was one founder: Robert Welch. Oliver was no longer a member soon after he joined. In fact, he became a staunch adversary. What makes the JBS different from many other organizations is that when a member is found to be anti-Semitic or racist, he loses his membership immediately.

According to ADL’s Mark Pitcavage, we are extremist. I would say in response that the ADL is also extreme in its opposition to anti-Semitism! The JBS simply tells the truth and has been consistent for almost 60 years! If that’s extremist, every successful business or successful group would also be extreme. And remember: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” — Barry Goldwater.

Andy “Hirsh” Dlinn


Coffee, Cake and True Islam

Since Donald J. Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, skepticism and uncertainty have  enshrouded many Americans, especially American Muslims, for what to expect next. Executive orders to prevent refugees from seven Muslim majority countries have resulted in outrage from the American public and human rights organizations. The reason behind these executive orders have been described as a step to increase our national security and to protect our country from “radical Islamic extremism.”

While we understand that it is of paramount importance to keep America safe from foreign and domestic enemies, we must not single out people of an entire religion based on the actions of few. This American Muslim wants to assure everyone that no one despises these terrorists more than the Muslim community. They have twisted the religion of Islam and are using it for their personal gains and political motives.

While it has been heartwarming to see the outpouring of support from our fellow Americans, I feel it has become more important than ever to educate people about Islam. The majority of Americans don’t know much about Islam and Muslims, and this is causing fear in the hearts of many. For this purpose, we have started a new campaign called Coffee, Cake and True Islam.

I would like to invite everyone for this special event that is held every Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at our Al Nur mosque (747 South Ave., Wilkinsburg). Come and meet American Muslims and educate yourself about Islam. Education is the best way to combat bigotry and hatred.

Imam Adnan Ahmed

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Pittsburgh