Letters to the editor December 30

Letters to the editor December 30

They love us here
I am in Kosovo, deployed with the Army for my third tour of duty (and second in Kosovo).
The Muslim people here love the United States and the Jewish people. I just attended a Righteous Gentile Art Exhibit in Prishtina, the capital city. I met two young Israeli men who said it is so wonderful to live in a place where everyone loves us.
I have made so many friends here, many in the dental community and others who work for Jewish organizations but are not Jewish.
To meet these people is to love them.
I am working in the communities, teaching some dental skills the dentists do not learn in school and oral hygiene to nurses and caregivers so they can better treat their patients.
I have extended my three-month tour to nine months.
Lt. Col. Elaine H. Berkowitz

(The author, a Pittsburgh resident, is a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve and a dental officer currently stationed at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo.)