Letters to the editor December 2

Letters to the editor December 2

Columnist ‘libels’ Beck
As a Hungarian Jew and a Holocaust survivor, having spent nearly a year in Bergen Belsen, I was disturbed by the article written by Simon Greer, “Beck’s Holocaust revision is a threat to history,” its direct attack of Glenn Beck specifically and Fox News in general.
Mr. Beck had three segments about George Soros, and it is clear to any open-minded individual that from Mr. Soros’ own statements the events occurred very much as Mr. Beck described them.  Mr. Soros was 14, not 13, as he was born in 1930 and the Nazis invaded Hungary in March 1944.  In that situation, a 14-year-old boy becomes a man very quickly.
He knew what he was doing.  He did indeed pass notices to Jews that it was their time to go.  He did indeed inventory the properties that were confiscated by the Nazis.  Mr. Soros has said things to the effect that “if I didn’t do it, someone else would have.”
Mr. Greer calls Mr. Soros a Jewish philanthropist. I’d like to see a list of Jewish causes he has donated to, besides J Street, to whom he donated $750,000 as seed money.  J Street claims to love Israel, yet seeks to promote a two-state deal with the Palestinians through pressure on President Obama and the American government.  The Israeli government has wined and dined Mr. Soros, hoping for investment in Israel, all for naught.  Mr. Soros is certainly not a friend of Israel.
To call Glenn Beck a revisionist of the Holocaust story and implying that he and Fox News Corporation are anti-Semitic is a libel.  It is a libel not unlike all the libels against Jews throughout history.

Judah Samet