Letters to the editor August 26

Letters to the editor August 26

Jewish employees deserve free admission
When I got home on the 20th of August and read about the county having a picnic on the holiest day of the year (“County regrets scheduling picnic on Yom Kippur, but won’t reschedule,” Aug. 19) I was appalled.
This is not right. All the county says is they are sorry and it was an oversight.  I don’t believe that.
The other thing is that the employees of the county who are unable to attend the picnic can visit at a reduced rate on any other date in September. Wrong.  They should get in for free with identification.

Renee Rockman
Zero effort
It is with great disappointment that I write this letter. 
Our dear friend and community treasure, Dr. Merrill Egorin, is gone much too early. The Chronicle ignored that tragic event for a week and then put forth zero effort and reprinted what had already been published in Baltimore (“Merrill Egorin, world-renowned researcher; led the fight in finding drugs for battling cancer,” Aug. 19). This displays a lack of knowledge of the man and his enormous contributions, a lack of respect for what he accomplished here and a lack of interest in his life in Pittsburgh.
How can you claim to be a Jewish community paper and ignore such a tragic loss? Clearly, you are neither well informed nor connected to a large segment of the community!

Lynne S. Jacobson
Squirrel Hill