Letters to the editor August 11

Letters to the editor August 11

A justified event

Being one of the 80 signers on the ad that protested the anti-democratic “anti-boycott law,” I was proud to attend last Sunday’s meeting at the Squirrel Hill Library regarding Israel’s new “anti-boycott law.”

While I feel troubled by the recent actions of the Knesset, I am also heartened to see Israeli women like Gili Re’i of ACRI taking the leadership in fighting for civil liberties and protecting democracy in Israel. I was really impressed to see the crowded room of members of our own community who were willing to spend a Sunday afternoon learning about and speaking out against a law that puts a black mark on the country I consider to be my second home.

Some may argue that when American Jews denounce an anti-democratic law passed by the Knesset or criticize Netanyahu’s government’s insistence on continuing the settlements, that this hurts Israel’s image. However, my impression is that the real damage is caused by the actions of the Knesset and Netanyahu’s government, and it far exceeds the potential damage caused by the justified criticism.

Events such as the one that took place Sunday truly show the strength of our community and the power of our concern and commitment to Israel. I end with a quote mentioned at the event but unfortunately not mentioned in your coverage of the event: “To support Israel does not mean to repeat empty talking points or justify unjust action; supporting Israel means supporting civil society groups that protect civil rights and democracy in Israel.”

The meeting on Sunday was just that — an event in support of Israel and those who protect its democracy.

Janet Aronson


God exists

In response to the excellent column Aug. 4 by Rabbi Scott Aaron, “Believing in God regardless of proof,” that’s right, we should believe in God regardless of proof.

If you want to see God, just look at the beautiful world all around you. For instance, take a walk in nature and observe the beauty in nature.

To me, God is a code word, meaning geometry of divinity, the divine science. We live in a cause and effect universe. If you have an effect, there has to be a cause — God.

Man need not speculate as to whether God exists; he need only invoke from the Godhead the proof that the Lord has challenged him to invoke. The proof of his very existence.

Dr. Eugene M. Goldberg

Hampton Township