Letters to the editor August 1

Letters to the editor August 1

Not retiring yet

While we are delighted that our admission office now includes Sarah DeWitt as director, we’d like to be sure to clarify that Judy Goldman is not retiring this year, but will play a crucial role as admission consultant on a part-time basis each week, mentoring DeWitt and ensuring a smooth transition.

Our communication to CDS parents included this information that was missing from the news release posted two weeks ago.

With gratitude to Judy Goldman for the warm and welcoming foundation she has set up in our admission office over the past 18 years, we are happy that her succession planning includes a year of part-time support as we continue to recruit fantastic families and students to CDS.

A search has been under way for the next teacher to join our exceptional kindergarten team, and we will be announcing our newest kindergarten teacher shortly.

Avi Baran Munro

Squirrel Hill

(The author is head of school of Community Day School.)