Letters to the editor: 1/22

Letters to the editor: 1/22

No game playing here
These are hard days for the people of Israel and I wanted to share my personal story and some facts about the conflict.
I’m form Ashkelon, a beautiful city on the cost of the Mediterranean Sea. During the last few months Ashkelon has became a part of the fire zone too. Every phone call I get from Israel starts with the question, “Is everybody alright?” My family and friends live under the threat of rocket attacks. I personally haven’t experienced this situation, as it all started after I arrived in Pittsburgh, but can you imagine how hard it is to be away from home these days?
It has been more than eight years since Hamas began shooting rockets at Sderot and the north of the Negev area. Israel is trying its best not to react and has tried to negotiate a cease-fire in peaceful ways, but no more.
These past couple weeks have been hard for more than a quarter million people in Israel who are spending most of their time in shelters unable to do their daily activities such as going to school or work. Children live in fear, have nightmares and suffer from trauma.
Hamas has already reached Beersheva and Ashdod with rockets. It won’t take long until they reach Tel-Aviv and even Jerusalem. They are constantly improving their weapons with support from Iran and Syria.
Hamas is not playing games, neither should we.
My country needs the support and prayers of all Americans. It is our responsibility to tell the world the true story.
I don’t want you to think of Israel as just a place of war. Israel has the right to defend itself and we waited long enough.

Efrat Avramovich
Squirrel Hill

(Editor’s note: The author is an Israeli emissary for the Agency for Jewish Learning.)