Letters to the editor: 11/6

Letters to the editor: 11/6

Obama never a Muslim

A Newsweek article shows very clearly that Barack Obama was never a Muslim. You claimed in your column that “He’s a convert to Christianity” (“Don’t vote,” Abby Wisse Schachter, Oct. 30). No Muslim would “still consider him a Muslim,” because he never was one. This is readily available information and has been covered repeatedly on CNN, MSNBC and FOX.
So much for your claim to be “well-informed.” Shame on you for perpetuating this bigotry.

Jael Greenleaf
Squirrel Hill

Candidate did respond
The League of Women Voters Election Guide, which was published in you paper on Oct. 30, listed me as having not responded to the League’s survey. In fact, if you look at the League of Women Voters’ own Web site (smartvoter.org/ 2008/11/04/pa/state/vote/north_c/) you will find that I did respond and that my answers were on line since Oct. 8.
I do not know why the League failed to include my responses in their voters guide, but I want your readers to know that it was by no means due to any lack of willingness on my part to communicate my positions to them.
Titus North
Squirrel Hill
(Editor’s note: The author was the Green Party candidate for Congress in the 14th Congressional district.)