Letters to the editor: 10/9

Letters to the editor: 10/9

Writer, paper assailed

I am writing in response to the Oct. 2 letter submitted by Donald A. Moskowitz of Londonderry, NH. My first point is directed to the writer. Mr. Moskowitz, this election it too important to rely on rumor and distortion, so let’s look at the words spoken by the candidates themselves:
McCain said that he knows Barack Obama and knows that he does not share the views of Rev. Wright. John McCain said [on Hannity and Colmes], “But I do know Sen. Obama, he does not share those views. And we get sometimes — a lot of those statements I have just heard for the first time that you mentioned.”
Obama said he vehemently disagreed with and strongly condemned Rev. Wright’s comments. Obama said [on Huffington Post], “Let me say at the outset that I vehemently disagree and strongly condemn the statements that have been the subject of this controversy. I categorically denounce any statement that disparages our great country or serves to divide us from our allies.”
My second point is directed to the staff of The Jewish Chronicle. I find it unfathomable that you chose to include this letter in your newspaper. The content is embarrassing to all Jews and hateful towards all people. You should be ashamed that you published it (especially given the writer is not from the Pittsburgh area) and I hope that you use better discretion in the future.

Andee Lowenstein
Squirrel Hill