Letters to the editor: 10/23

Letters to the editor: 10/23

Are you still undecided?
I am not – I support Barack Obama for many reasons. As an American and a Jew, I believe his values are the same as mine. I am a liberal, even though John McCain thinks that is a dirty word. I have a different interpretation. I believe it is someone who cares for the middle class and tries to help the poor and the hungry.
I am opposed to John McCain for many other reasons. His choice of Sarah Palin even has some Republicans ashamed — including Colin Powell. Can you imagine her as one heartbeat from the presidency?
And last, but not least, he has said his choices for the Supreme Court would be “conservative” judges like Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and John Roberts. He would not have appointed the two current Justices Ginsburg or Breyer, who happen to be Jewish, or Justices Souter and Stevens. Can you imagine whom Sarah Palin (G-d forbid) would appoint?

Albert Wein

Palin is dangerous

Sarah Palin for vice president is a dangerous choice for Jews. What does it say about McCain’s commitment to Israel that he picked an untested religious zealot to be his running mate? Palin has no foreign policy experience and has troublesome association with anti-Semitism. She has never been to Israel nor even spoken much on the subject.
Palin sat through a sermon in her church with the founder of Jews for Jesus who said that terrorist attacks leveled upon Israel is God punishing Jews for their failure to embrace Christianity. Jews for Jesus has the goal of converting all Jews to Christianity and they have a privileged place in her church in Alaska.
When Palin ran for mayor in Wasilla, her hometown, she stoked the flames of anti-Semitism in her own small community. Her motto was “The first Christian mayor of Wasilla.” Fine enough for someone who believes we should teach our children creationism and opposes abortions even for girls who are victims of rape or incest. But not fine considering her opponent had the last name of Stein.
We cannot trust this woman who does not share our values. It is ghastly to think that she might just be president of the United States.

Richard Mottsman
Mt. Lebanon