Letter to the editor May 5

Letter to the editor May 5

Kasich: Decent, Honorable

In “No surprises at top of ticket as Clinton, Trump take Pennsylvania (and others)” (April 28), Republican primary election voter Michael Lewin said a mouthful when he noted that he sees third-place finisher John Kasich as “more of a human being” than his opponents. Indeed.

Donald Trump is the man who, as stated by former competitor Jeb Bush, seeks to “insult his way to the presidency.” Trump has no compunction about offending women, the disabled, immigrants, religious minorities and veterans.  Even his core group of supporters come in for slams, as Trump has stated that he loves “the uneducated” and that “wages are too high.” He has a simple solution for all that ails us. He will “get rid of ISIS fast” and will strengthen the military, Social Security and Medicare. And he will enact tax cuts larger than any that have been proposed by his opponents, all while reducing government spending and bringing the budget into balance. Trump also will murder family members of terrorists. Perhaps his most ridiculous pledge is that when he is president (God forbid), sales clerks will again say, “Merry Christmas!”

Ted Cruz has many similarities to Trump but presents a danger of a different type. He would seek to deny rights to gay men and gay women and has stated that no one deserves to be president unless they “begin each day on their knees.” He is one who dangerously seeks to meld government and religion. He is the candidate of government shutdowns and debt crises. He proposes to carpet bomb the Middle East to determine “whether the sand glows in the dark.” A Cruz absurdity is his pledge to bring French fries back to school cafeteria menus.

I do not agree with all of John Kasich’s views, particularly his desire to defund Planned Parenthood, but he is a decent, honorable, accomplished leader and a mature adult who has remained above the fray and scrum brought to us by his Republican primary election opponents. I temporarily changed my registration so that I could vote for Kasich and against his reckless opponents. I do not regret it. It is a sad and embarrassing commentary that he did so poorly in the Keystone State.

Oren Spiegler

Upper St. Clair