Letter to the editor June 26

Letter to the editor June 26

Shame on The Chronicle!

I enjoyed the article “Tzitzit for women, by women ‘makes the Torah real’” (May 29) about Squirrel Hill native Maya Rosen’s efforts to expand this mitzvah to women. Rabbis Scott Aaron and Amy Greenbaum helped me understand the significance of Rosen’s efforts. I thought Michael Broyde’s criticism of the development was bizarre, boiling down to “it’s fine to do it, but keep it quiet.”

Confused by this lame response, I did some research on Broyde, and a quick Google search brought me to an article headlined “Rabbi Michael Broyde Resigns From RCA Rather Than Face Ethics Inquiry” (bit.ly/1kgGGoq).

Apparently, Broyde admitted to creating multiple fake identities that he used to promote his own work and discredit rabbinical opponents online and in scholarly journals. This is who The Chronicle uses as an expert witness against a young Pittsburgher striving to make her mark in contemporary Judaism? Shame on you.

Alan Paul

Maplewood, N.J.