Letter to the editor January 1

Letter to the editor January 1

‘Venomous’ ZOA way off the mark

Perhaps The Jewish Chronicle could do a service by publishing the full text of the Conflict Kitchen wrapper as a corrective to the mischaracterizations in the ZOA critique published in the Dec. 18 issue (“ZOA goes on attack against Conflict Kitchen’s anti-Israel propaganda”). I took a copy of the Kitchen’s document several weeks ago when I ordered my delicious shwarma and musakhan. While I found among the many stories of Palestinian life plenty of criticism of Israel, I found no disparaging references to Jews and nothing that would justify ZOA’s calling the endeavor a “project targeting Jews and Israelis.”

Nor do I see “demonization” of Israel that would have the “inevitable effect of inciting hatred of Jews.” Nor do I see a “description of the suffering of Palestinian ‘martyrs,’” although I do see one statement among the many stories that reads as follows: “My husband was killed 20 years ago. He is a martyr. He was wanted by the Israeli army, and they killed him.” It was nothing like the broad categorization by ZOA that all “so-called ‘martyrs’ are actually murderers of innocent Jews.” Publishing the entire document would be an antidote for the venomous and inaccurate depictions of the ZOA.

Michael Lando