Lauren Rosenblatt to oversee Chronicle’s digital content
Digital upgradeLauren Rosenblatt will oversee digital content

Lauren Rosenblatt to oversee Chronicle’s digital content

Rosenblatt will focus on increasing the Chronicle's social media presence, updating fresh material to the website, and distributing a regular e-newsletter.

Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle July 21, 2017
Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle July 21, 2017

Lauren Rosenblatt. (Photo by Lauren Rosenblatt)
Lauren Rosenblatt has been named digital content manager for the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle. For Rosenblatt, a University of Pittsburgh graduate and former intern at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Los Angeles Times, the opportunity to direct the Chronicle’s digital presence is a welcome challenge.

“We just launched a brand new website, and I’m excited to bring all of our coverage to as many people as possible,” she said.

While the Chronicle has long reached its audience through print, Rosenblatt seeks to broaden the paper’s digital presence. Through enhancing the Chronicle’s social media presence, uploading fresh material online and distributing a regular e-newsletter, Rosenblatt intends to bring both weekly stories and daily updates to a digitally focused demographic.

“I want to make the Chronicle more accessible by allowing people to be able to connect with us more easily.”

Achieving that objective is a task that Rosenblatt is well equipped to handle. As an undergraduate, she regularly engaged with fellow students while serving as managing editor of The Pitt News and as the founder and editor of Hillel JUC’s 70 Faces Magazine, a biannual publication that focused on a different human value each semester.

During her summer experiences with both the Times and Post-Gazette, her reporting responsibilities included President Donald Trump and his administration, HPV as a potentially mandated vaccine and breaking news with a hyperlocal focus. Such varied assignments, which included attending press briefings at the White House, engaging with scientific leaders and interviewing a man who jumped from the second-story window of his wood-frame home to escape a fire, furthered Rosenblatt’s commitment to providing accurate and expeditious pieces, as well as developing a relationship between a paper and its consumers. The latter is something that Rosenblatt, a runner who spent four years with Pitt’s cross-country club, considers one of her most exciting tasks.

“The Chronicle is the voice of the Jewish community here. I look forward to learning what people want to see,” she said.

Accordingly, Rosenblatt welcomes inquiries, suggestions and concerns regarding the Chronicle’s digital platforms. Readers may contact her at or 412-228-4547. PJC

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