Ladies Hospital Aid Society seeks descendants of founders
In briefGroup celebrates 120 years

Ladies Hospital Aid Society seeks descendants of founders

A fall fete will honor those women who took on health issues in Pittsburgh.

In advance of its 120th anniversary celebration scheduled for this fall, Ladies Hospital Aid Society is hoping to locate descendants and friends of the organization’s 17 founding members to help “celebrate our legacy,” said LHAS President Carole Kamin.

LHAS had its start in 1898 when 17 women gathered to address the needs of the sick and the poor living in their neighborhoods, and the troubles facing the immigrant population. The lack of adequate medical care was of primary concern.

Then called the Hebrew Ladies Hospital Aid Society, the group collected 10 cents a week from each member and made arrangements with existing hospitals to pay ward rates for patients admitted under the hospital’s auspices. By 1908, the LHAS had founded Montefiore Hospital.

LHAS eventually raised more than $5 million for Montefiore Hospital. In 1990, it was sold to Presbyterian Hospital, and subsequently became a part of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center system.

LHAS expanded its mission and remains responsive to the changing health care needs of the Western Pennsylvania community, including the implementation of programs for the elderly and women’s health care.

Since its founding, the group has raised more than $15 million and has volunteered several million work hours. It allocates more than $350,000 annually for research, community projects, educational seminars and social services.

The group is seeking new members as well as descendants of those original members, and can be reached at or 412-647-6106. PJC

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