Jewish world congratulates Obama on victory

Jewish world congratulates Obama on victory

(Editor’s note: This story will be revised as new messages come in.)

Messages of congratulations were sent to President Obama on his re-election Wednesday from across the Jewish spectrum.

“We offer our prayers that God will grant you the wisdom, strength and compassion to address the challenges that face America today,” leaders of the Orthodox Union wrote in an open letter to the president. “We look forward to partnering with you to tackle many of these challenges, including — strengthening our economy with fairness for all, supporting our indispensible charities, expanding educational opportunity, defending religious liberty and advancing the national security of America, Israel and the world.”

The Rabbinical Assembly, the umbrella organization of the Conservative rabbinate, said in its statement, “We are a diverse and yet unified group with a shared focus on the need to better our communities, country and the world around us.  Just as we come together to build consensus as an organization representing all political streams and points of view, our government must work together, across both sides of the aisle and the political spectrum, to improve the economy and opportunities for all Americans.

“The catastrophic events wrought by Hurricane Sandy last week not only have affected many of our rabbis very close to home, but also demonstrate the tremendous need for the country to put aside differences in a unified effort to rebuild infrastructure and address the disastrous impact of climate change,” the statement said.  “Once again, we are struck by the reality that our nation is vulnerable, the fabric of our society breakable.  The time to combine forces is now; there is no time to waste.”

Marcie Natan, national president of Hadassah, said in a prepared statement, “The United States — and the global community at large face many challenges today — Hadassah is eager to continue working with President Obama — and build on our already strong relationship with his administration ­­— as well as with Congress.  As a leader on matters important to women and the Jewish community, Hadassah remains committed to our advocacy efforts and welcomes opportunities to partner with and support our elected officials working on these vital issues.

Hadassah maintains its unwavering support for Israel’s security, strong U.S.-Israel relations, and opposition to the Iranian threat, and we remain a staunch advocate for women’s rights domestically and abroad — including supporting victims of domestic and sexual violence; closing the gender wage gap; and ensuring access to quality, affordable health and reproductive care.”

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “We extend our congratulations to President Obama on his election victory.

“We hope that, in the coming four years, the historic bonds between the United States and Israel at every level — Presidential, Congressional and the public — will be strengthened.

“President Obama will face enormous challenges in the dangerous Middle East, not least preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapons capability, as he has repeatedly pledged to do. We wish him success in the many huge problems, domestic and international, that he will be confronting.”

The Chronicle will add other statements from the local and national Jewish community here as they are released.