Israel backers not interested in dissent

Israel backers not interested in dissent

It’s unfortunate that guest columnist Yitzhak Santis got so much wrong in his overwrought piece, “Jewish Voice for Peace whitewashes anti-Semitism in the anti-Israel movement” (March 12).
Among the errors about me: I did not attend the Iranian conference. I did not “promote” the blood libel. In one of my multitude of articles on Israel-Palestine, I reported information from the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz. People who are actually interested in facts may wish to read this article and a related one for themselves. Both are available on our website, 
It’s unfortunate that Israel partisans so often resort to falsehoods, misrepresentations and the constant claim of “anti-Semitism” in their relentless efforts to prevent people from learning unpleasant truths. It’s time they stopped crying wolf and worked to stop the criminal actions of the Israeli government.

Alison Weir
Founder, If Americans Knew