Iran has data to build nuclear bomb

Iran has data to build nuclear bomb

Iran has enough data to build a nuclear bomb, according to a confidential United Nations report.
The New York Times reported Sunday that the International Atomic Energy Agency’s confidential analysis found that Iran has acquired “sufficient information to be able to design and produce a workable” atom bomb.
The report, titled “Possible Military Dimensions of Iran’s Nuclear Program,” emphasized that its conclusions were “tentative and subject to further confirmation of the evidence, which it says came from intelligence agencies and its own investigations.” The report was produced in consultation with a range of nuclear weapons experts inside and outside the agency, according to the newspaper.
Still, the report’s conclusions “go well beyond the public positions taken by several governments, including the United States,” the Times reported.
Last week, during meetings with Western negotiators, Iran agreed “in principle” to ship out most of its enriched uranium for reprocessing in Russia and France. The meeting came just days after Iran admitted to operating a second secret uranium enrichment plant in the holy city of Qom.
IAEA chief Mohammed ElBaradei said Sunday in Tehran that his U.S. nuclear watchdog organization will inspect the Qom site on Oct. 25.