Hillel Academy will hold Chinese Auction

Hillel Academy will hold Chinese Auction

Chinese Auction order
Chinese Auction order

Hillel Academy invites the community to participate in their Chinese Auction; attendance at the Tuesday, Dec. 17 Scholarship Dinner is not required.

To purchase tickets prior to the event click on Chinese Auction order form or call the office at 412-521-8131. Tickets can also be purchased the day of the event.

A Chinese Auction combines elements of both an auction and a raffle. Participants buy tickets for set prices then use those tickets to enter a raffle for the displayed prize packages. To increase chances an unlimited number of tickets may be deposited for each item. The Prize Package will go to the person whose ticket is drawn at random from each Prize Package container on Dec. 17 at 8 p.m.

Prizes are divided into Tier I and Tier 2 Packages based on the value of the package.

Tier I Tickets: $36.00

Tier II Tickets:$10.00

Discount & Deals:

You can purchase tickets at face value or you can get a discount of ticket packages.

1 Tier I ticket and 3 Tier II tickets for $50 ($16 savings)

2 Tier I tickets and 5 Tier II tickets for $100 ($22 savings)

3 Tier I tickets and 8 Tier II tickets for $150 ($33 savings)