Harold Marcus concludes 30 years as Israel Bonds sales rep.

Harold Marcus concludes 30 years as Israel Bonds sales rep.

The long-standing sales representative in the Pittsburgh office of State of Israel Bonds is leaving to oversee regional operations for the bonds drive.
Harold Marcus, a sales representative with the Pittsburgh campaign for 30 years, will become the executive director of the Pennsylvania Region, which includes Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware and southern New Jersey.
In fact, Marcus, whose last day is Aug. 4, has been working in Philadelphia three days a week since January, transitioning into his new position.
Emery Levick, of Point Breeze, a licensed securities representative since 1987, will succeed Marcus. Levick has already started work at the Pittsburgh office. Patty Minto also will remain as office manager.
“We won’t miss a beat” in the Pittsburgh office, said Marcus, who noted that Pittsburgh bought $17 million in Israel Bonds products in 2010 and that office has equaled or exceeded its quota since the staff layoffs there 2½ years ago.
“It’s a testimony to the relationships we’ve established in the community,” Marcus said. “I’ve been here 30 years, and our corporate and institutional investors have remained steadfast.”
In his new job, Marcus will take charge of a combined campaign that makes $50 million a year, but has potential to be even higher.
He said his immediate goal as regional director will be to increase sales in the Philadelphia market. “There’s room for growth in Philadelphia,” he said, “so that’s going to be a primary focus.”
Marcus, who completed 30 years in the Pittsburgh office on June 1, and is getting married this month to Maureen Wander Miller of Pittsburgh, is also leaving a 45-year teaching stint at Temple Sinai. He has taught there since he was 16 years old. In 2006, Marcus received the Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education.
Temple Sinai will honor Marcus during its Oct. 17 Israel Bonds Tribute.
In a prepared statement, Pittsburgh Campaign chair Warren Sufrin lamented Marcus’ departure.
“In many ways, in Pittsburgh, Harold Marcus is Israel Bonds. So it is hard to imagine not having him here as our local representative,” Sufrin said. “We wish him the best in his new position and look forward to working with our new representative, Emery Levick.”

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