Goldstone will attend grandson’s bar mitzva

Goldstone will attend grandson’s bar mitzva

CAPE TOWN — Richard Goldstone will attend his grandson’s upcoming bar mitzva in South Africa, following an agreement with local Jewish groups.
The South African Jewish Board of Deputies brokered a deal between Goldstone and community organizations angry with Goldstone for his authorship of a U.N. report on Gaza war seen as grossly unfair to Israel. Under the agreement, Jewish groups agreed not to protest during the bar mitzva celebrations and Goldstone agreed to meet with the leadership of South African Jewish communal organizations, according to an e-mail released late Friday by both Goldstone and the Board of Deputies.
The meeting, to be hosted by the South African Zionist Federation, is set to discuss the Jewish community’s reaction to the Goldstone report, which accused Israel and Hamas of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.
“My whole family feels joyful that we’ll be able to celebrate the bar mitzva together,” Goldstone told JTA following the agreement.
The South African Jewish Board of Deputies said it “respectfully requests, in light of the agreement reached, that all parties immediately desist all public activities on this matter so that the young man’s bar mitzva celebration can be returned to the privacy and dignity that it deserves.”
Goldstone originally had planned to skip his grandson’s bar mitzva next month after the Zionist Federation threatened to protest Goldstone outside the synagogue.