Five short-subject pictures compete at Robinson film gala

Five short-subject pictures compete at Robinson film gala

JFilm will present five short-subject films next week at the Robinson Short Film Competition Gala Awards Evening, Tuesday, May 1, 7:30 p.m. at SouthSide Works Cinema.
This year, the competing films are:
• “Delicious Peace Grows in a Ugandan Coffee Bean, an Americna film about Jewish, Christian and Muslim Ugandan coffee farmers who formed a cooperative to build economic prosperity and peace in the lingering wake of Idi Amin’s regime of terror and intolerance. The cooperative partnered with a Fair Trade U.S. buyer, producing early monetary success and reinforcement of a global message that “peace works.”
• “Grandpa Looked Like William Powell,” an American film. Filmmaker David Levy came to possess his Grandpa Herman’s high school autograph book from 1924 and came to realize how little he knew him.
• “in bed at 10 p.m.” an Israeli film about Rachel and Motti, both in their 70s, who are lovers. After Rachel learns the new rule — when Motti’s wife calls twice he must go home — she finally realizes that she will always be a lower priority.
• “Seltzer Works,” an American film about how the last the last seltzer bottler in Brooklyn fends off the supermarket seltzer take-over and honors this simple drink’s place in history.
• “Woody/before/Allen,” An adventurous meditation on past and present, of two former Konigsbergs — a man and a city that no longer use the same name: one, a city which was renamed Kaliningrad, another, a renowned film director who changed his name to Woody Allen. To commemorate the bizarre connection between these two former Konigsbergs, filmmaker Masha Vasyukova makes it her mission to put a statue in Kaliningrad in honor of Woody Allen.
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