David Sidney Feingold

David Sidney Feingold


FEINGOLD: David Sidney Feingold passed on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019. David was a scientist, professor, athlete, and polyglot with incomparable joie de vivre. His countless acts of generosity and kindness were performed without fanfare or publicity. With a BS from MIT and a PhD from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, his career ranged from chemistry to organic chemistry to microbiology. In 1957, along with Shlomo Hestrin and Gad Avigad, he was awarded the Israel prize – the Israeli equivalent of the Nobel prize – in exact sciences. He finally made his academic home at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine as a professor of microbiology. He was known for his quirky teaching style, such as throwing condoms filled with coffee beans at students to cement their knowledge of the gonorrhea bacteria’s shape. He ran and did triathlons into old age, proudly boasting of awards when he was the only entrant in his age category. He loved languages and picked them up with enviable speed, often successfully pretending to be a native speaker. He delighted in travel, poetry, cooking, baking, classical music, and especially food. Despite a painful childhood and broken home, he formed a lasting, loving marriage and generously mentored many students and employees, frequently putting their welfare and that of their families above his own professional goals. Even in his last years, he gave and received enormous affection every day from the loving men and women who cared for him and whose careers and growth he encouraged. In addition to these late additions to the family and a few devoted friends, he is survived by children Oded Haber, Anat Feingold (Nate Link), and Michele Feingold; grandchildren Lani Tal (Dan Wilson), Mara Feingold-Link, Daniela Ruiz Feingold (Matias Altalef), Jordan Feingold-Link (Andi “Simone” Fu), Yoav Ruiz-Feingold, and Lee Haber, brother Macey Feingold (the late Helene Sultana Feingold), nephews Daniel Feingold and Richard Feingold (Lauri Alpern), and great-nephews Noah and Ethan. Predeceased by his wife, Batia Feingold. He is already missed. Graveside Service and Interment will be held on Friday at 3 pm at Homewood Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Hebrew Free Loan Association or the Union of Concerned Scientists. Arrangements entrusted to Ralph Schugar Chapel, Inc., family-owned and operated. www.schugar.com

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